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“Traditional marketing and advertising are dead and ineffective

In the ‘old days’ of marketing, advertisers could get away with forcing people to watch and listen to mass media commercials because there were so few competitors at the multi-million dollar level.

Times have changed.

Not only are people exposed to more marketing messages than ever before, but modern technologies and fragmented niche market segments allow people the choice of what they will read, watch, and listen to. Intrusive marketing no longer works. If it ever did.

A stronger marketing matrix involves communicating with people who already have an interest for what you are selling.

Where do you find this rich source of revenues?

An often overlooked area of marketing is strengthening and leveraging the relationships you’ve already developed with current and past clients and customers, vendors, and referral sources. These are people who ideally already know you and trust you.

A second marketing method involves making smart use of internet marketing strategies.

These two steps are the most powerful ways to address the new realities and trends facing businesses today.

You can internally do the research and implement lead generation marketing and relationship marketing into your company yourself. Or to save time you can choose to hire someone to do the work for you.

We do this for our clients and we’d be happy to do it for you too… if there’s a match between your marketing objectives and what we are looking for in a client.

In most cases, there isn’t a match between what we do and what the people who contact us want. Most already have a vision in mind and are simply looking to find advisers to ‘fit’ into that preconceived vision–no matter how unrealistic or inaccurate that vision may or may not be.

So we openly acknowledge that we turn away most business that comes our way. We only work with companies that share our vision of reality or at the very least are willing to consider the possibility that something other than what they may have initially had in mind is needed.

Only a few companies who approach us each year are open to looking at our unique capabilities in line with their objectives. Those are the companies we choose to work with.

Can we help you? Maybe. Maybe not. The only way to know is for us to talk.

Since every company is different, we cannot give a canned proposal or pricing for what we offer. Any attempts to create ‘standardize’ marketing packages will fall short somewhere. An element important to you may get overlooked. And something that is a total mismatch may get included.

That’s why we prefer proposing in writing custom marketing programs for each client we work with. The custom marketing programs we outline and propose will be as unique to you as you are from your competitors.

Still, though, there are folks who feel most at ease seeing a general ‘snapshot’ of what is involved in a marketing package. The information below is listed solely to provide that peace of mind. It is by no means an accurate projection of the range of services or approaches we offer.

Total Marketing Package

Our Total Marketing Package involves a combination of online and offline marketing approaches. The Total Marketing Package is a performance-based package and is designed to increase sales, leads, referrals and redeploy underutilized assets now hidden in your company.

Every business has underutilized marketing assets that can easily be converted to immediate cash — without increasing your advertising budget.

Our Total Marketing Package involves three main steps.

The first is evaluating and diagnosing your current marketing position, strengths and opportunities. The second is putting marketing ‘systems’ in place that eliminate the guesswork from day to day marketing activities. And the third is to track and measure results, and make adjustments as needed.

How do you find out if our Total Marketing Package is right for you?

Let’s talk.

Contact us online to find out. This is not a sales pitch call. And there is no obligation.

We simply need to have a real conversation with you to learn about your situation and objectives.

If we feel there might be a match between us, we will propose in writing a specific way for us to prove these capabilities to you. What you decide to do after that is your choice.