Grow Your Company Fast

Growing a company is not easy. Every company must effectively manage its reputation, stimulate a steady stream of incoming leads, identify complementary offers for existing products and services, regularly communicate these offers to existing customers virtually on autopilot, build a continually growing prospect/client list, and must put formal systems in place to capitalize on referral […]

What Marketing Challenges Is Your Central Coast Business Facing?

The Central Coast is unique. No other area offers such diverse cultures and coastal living as we enjoy. But that uniqueness also brings unique business challenges. There’s a myth in our area that claims local companies must spend more money on advertising to see ongoing growth. While advertising has its place, a better way to […]

What Everybody Ought To Know About Choosing Business Consultants

If your company is struggling with increased competition or facing a significant decline in sales there is a way to get back control. For most companies the answer is sitting right in front of them. These are marketing assets that already exist within the company. Assets the companies can readily convert into increased sales and […]

What is Leverage?

Are you looking for ways to increase the frequency, volume, and profits from existing clients and customers? That’s wise. The best way to increase profits quickly is to leverage current marketing opportunities that already exist in your business. What is marketing leverage? Marketing leverage is the ability to control and generate large profit increases from […]

Putting Your Offline Business Online

When it comes to marketing a business online there are two approaches. The first is paying for online advertising. We highly discourage all forms of paid advertising when getting started online. Why? Because paid advertising is expensive. And risky. Sure, the risks can be minimized with constant tracking and management of the ads. But the […]

Direct Marketing Strategy

Do you provide products or services that are just as good or even superior to your rival’s, but still find your competitor seems to constantly be a thorn in your side or even sell more than you? Usually this is because of a marketing strategy that isn’t working effectively. Or isn’t as effective as a […]